Hello and welcome to the website for the Twitter Microbiology Journal Club #microtwjc !

Having seen the success of #twitjc and #phtwitjc I decided to try setting a microbiology one up.

Luckily I’ve had a lot of offers of help and you’ll be meeting the #microtwjc team as the sessions go on (although if you also want to get involved it’s not too late – just tweet me (@_zoonotica_) or comment below.)

The journal club will take place on alternate Tuesdays at 8pm London time (so currently British Summer Time) and we aim to cover topics across the whole spectrum of ‘microbiology’.

The hashtag for every session is #microtwjc If you’re not sure how best to follow the conversation, I use  TweetChat and others use Twitterfall to follow the hashtag and nothing else more easily…

If this whole thing including Twitter is new to you (as I know it is to some) the LSE has produced a guide for academics: “Using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities” (links to a PDF) which is a great starting point.

I’m so excited and look forward to ‘seeing’ you at the next session 😀