Hello Microtwjc community!

This week we are going to have a discussion on a recent article I have published with Laura Bowater (@Lauramcbow) and Paul Hoskisson (@PaulHoskisson) on engaging students on STEM degrees with the Antimicrobial Resistance¬†issue. Yes this is not something we have discussed before as we have generally focussed on research papers. However, all of us at some point do interact with students at all levels. We are also interested to see what you all have to say on this subject….

You can find the paper here:

Inspiring STEM undergraduates to tackle the AMR crisis.

Things to discuss:

  1. Can you think of other ways to engage students on this topic?
  2. Do you have specific examples that would also work as case examples?
  3. Can we improve our engagement of under and post-graduates on topical issues within the learning environment?

See you all on twitter at 8 PM Tomorrow night!