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This week, Tues 25th November, we will be looking at this paper 

Shed GP of Ebola Virus Triggers Immune Activation and Increased Vascular Permeability

Beatriz Escudero-Pérez, Valentina A. Volchkova, Olga Dolnik, Philip Lawrence, Viktor E. Volchkov mail


Discussion points

  1. Is the paper well written?
  2. Do the results support the conclusions?
  3. What work would you like to see done in the future?


Hope to see you there on Tuesday




This week on Microbiology Twitter Journal Club, we’ll be discussing  a brand new broad spectrum antiviral Favipiravir, and it’s efficacy compared to Ribavirin against Mouse Norovirus.


Lethal mutagenesis has emerged as a novel potential therapeutic approach to treat viral infections. Several studies have demonstrated that increases in the high mutation rates inherent to RNA viruses lead to viral extinction in cell culture, but evidence during infections in vivo is limited. In this study, we show that the broad-range antiviral nucleoside favipiravir reduces viral load in vivo by exerting antiviral mutagenesis in a mouse model for norovirus infection. Increased mutation frequencies were observed in samples from treated mice and were accompanied with lower or in some cases undetectable levels of infectious virus in faeces and tissues. Viral RNA isolated from treated animals showed reduced infectivity, a feature of populations approaching extinction during antiviral mutagenesis. These results suggest that favipiravir can induce norovirus mutagenesis in vivo, which in some cases leads to virus extinction, providing a proof-of-principle for the use of favipiravir derivatives or mutagenic nucleosides in the clinical treatment of noroviruses.

Discussion points:

  • Is Favipiravir better than Ribavirin, and does the paper provide enough evidence for that ?
  • Was the data presented clearly ?
  • Do those stars above the graphs mean Christmas is coming, or something more foreboding ?
  • What would you have done differently?

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