We have a paper for this weeks MicroTWJC number 48…

Global Population Structure and Evolution of Bordetella pertussis and Their Relationship with Vaccination

The papers own significance statement is below. This is an interesting study with an important implication that should lead to a good discussion. See you all on Tues 6th May at 8 PM (British Time)

IMPORTANCE Whooping cough is mainly caused by Bordetella pertussis, and current vaccines are targeted against this organism. Recently, there have been increasing outbreaks of whooping cough, even where vaccine coverage is high. Analysis of the genomes of 343 B. pertussis isolates from around the world over the last 100 years suggests that the organism has emerged within the last 500 years, consistent with historical records. We show that global transmission of new strains is very rapid and that the worldwide population of B. pertussis is evolving in response to vaccine introduction, potentially enabling vaccine escape.

A small challenge for this week: Can you read this paper without the need to refer to the supplementary data?

UPDATE: You can find the storify of our conversation here –> Storify of #MicroTWJC number 48