For this weeks journal discussion I have decided to return to Salmonella. The paper of choice has the wonderful title of:

Genome and Transcriptome Adaptation Accompanying Emergence of the Definitive Type 2 Host-Restricted Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium PathovarmBio vol. 4 no. 5 e00565-13

I have chosen this paper not only because it ends up focussing on bacterial motility and that it is Salmonella, one of the bugs I use to study motility in the lab! The title seems a bit misleading but lets read the paper before we make any comments. Following a trend of papers we have covered, this study utilises genome analysis to question species variability/adaptation. I also feel it is apt that we go back to discussing a genome paper this week with the recent announcement that Fred Sanger died. What better why to take note of the work he did by discussing a paper from one of the cohorts of microbiologists based at the Sanger Centre in the UK. I have also reused the discussion questions from week #35 as they fit with this paper


  1. Is the paper well written, easy to understand and thoroughly explained?
  2. Are the methods appropriate?
  3. What do the results tell us – how significant is the impact of this research?
  4. What research can and should this follow on to?